MOTOPED® is what it isn’t, and dares to be different. Lightweight, clever, low carbon footprint, fuel efficient, purposeful, and fun–MOTOPEDS® go places and do things that traditional bicycles or motorcycles can’t. MOTOPED® gets you there with head-turning style that’s impossible to ignore.

As a commuter bike, MOTOPEDS® deliver between 80-130+MPG. With proper engine certifications MOTOPEDS® can be equipped with larger engine displacements, achieving more power and speeds that can transform the MOTOPED® into a back-country, trail-eating monster. MOTOPED® to work, to the beach, camping, trail riding, or on whatever adventure you can dream up. Customize, accessorize, and personalize it so that your MOTOPED® is as unique as you.

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  1. Wild Power Sauce
    Wild Power Sauce wps-b1
  2. Motoped Rear Hub
    Motoped Rear Hub MP-HUB-R
  3. Motoped Pro
    Motoped Pro - 49cc mp-pro-49
  4. Bikemaster Feather Mirror Set
    Bikemaster Feather Mirrors (Set of 2) 10-1117
  5. 7/8 Handlebar mount
    Mirror Mount for 7/8" Handlebar T-3CH-10mm
  6. Uni Filter Service Kit
    Uni Filter Service Kit 28-6669
  7. Motoped Cruzer
    Motoped Cruzer - 49cc mp-cruzer-49
  8. Motoped Survival
    Motoped Survival - 49cc mp-survival-49
  9. Horn (12V)
    Horn (12V) 43-5154
  10. C7HSA NGK
    C7HSA NGK Spark Plug C7HSA
  11. Duro 24X3 Off Road Tire
    Duro 24X3 Motoped Pro Rear Tire 96-0319
  12. 24x3 tube
    24 X 3.0 Tube (Motoped for 24x3 tire) 51-7917
  13. Motoped Survival
    Motoped Survival - 125cc mp-survival-125
  14. Motoped Pro
    Motoped Pro - 125cc 21-0186
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