STEEL-IT Stainless Steel Coatings


Wild Powersports is the Largest STEEL-IT Distributer in the world.  We have the largest stock, and ship same-day on all STEEL-IT products!

STEEL-IT coating, the powder-coat alternative.

You want your surface to be rust and abrasion resistant, what you want is stainless steel.  Thats where STEEL-IT comes in!  STEEL-IT "paint" contains a large amount of stainless-steel particles ("Pigment").  This means you can paint your steel with the product and have the rust and abrasion resistant qualities of stainless without the weight or cost!

Before we decided to carry the STEEL-IT product, we did a simple test.  We painted a steel receiver bar and put it on one of our staffers trucks in November.  A few months later, after a rough Colorado winter, we took a look at the bar.  It was rust-free!  This convinced us STEEL-IT was a winner!  We painted our entire Trophylite Baja Trucks frame with STEEL-IT and it has performed amazing!

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