Rigid Lighting

When it comes to LED lights, lets face it....theirs no beating Rigid. If you have compared the light output to any other LEDS you know what we are talking about.  Wild LOVES RIGID.  Their quality and dedication to the customer kicks ass.

And keep in mind, if there is EVER an issue, water in the lights, flickering, etc....it gets replaced FREE.  With a full lifetime no-hassle warranty, you know your making a safe choice for your off-road lighting

Wild sells all Rigid lights at the lowest price allowed by Rigid. If you see any lights below this price, they are NOT Rigid lights - they are china copies.

Rigid strictly enforces the lowest price dealers are allowed to sell at (Referred to as MAP, Minimum Advertised Price).  Any Rigid dealer that violates MAP is terminated and they can no longer sell Rigid products.  Therefor, any Rigid product priced below our price is most likely a china copy!

Buy from a Legitimate Rigid Dealer so you are sure you get your Lifetime Warranty! You can search for us (Wild Power Sports) by entering our zip code (80229) on the Rigid dealer locator at rigidindustries.com/dealer-locator


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