Motorized Stealth Antenna Mount (Fits Aluminum F150/250/350 Trucks)

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  • No Drilling or modification to the truck necessary
  • Weathertite seal
  • Uses its own fastners instead of relying on just tail light screws to hold in.

Ford uses several different 3rd brake lights, here is the ones we have verified it works with:


If you dont have one of these part numbers on the back of your tail light the mount may still fit, we havent tested every possible light. However, if you order and it doesnt fit please let us know so we can update the product info here!

From 2015 and up the F150, and from 2017 and up the Raptor has an all aluminum body. making antenna mounting challenging.  Add to that the new "whole roof" sunroof, and you have absolute no where to mount a antenna for a VHF, UHF, or ham radio. 

For Desert racers, Fire Departments, Police, and Commercial use, we have come up with the 3rd Brake Light antenna mount.  We manufacturer and distribute two versions of this mount.  A Motorized version and a non-motorized.  Special attention was paid to making the mount the best sealing and strongest on the market.  The mount is made of 1/8" US steel and uses its own fasteners instead of just relying on the tail light screws to hold it in.

The seal is a high-end closed cell - UV and heat resistant material.

This is the Motorized Mount, it will automatically fold the antenna down and back up again.  If you have a low garage at home, or live in an apartment and have to enter a low parking structure, this is the mount for you!  The way it works is simple.  One wire from the antenna mount control's the unit.  If the wire is hot, the antenna goes up and stays up.  Once power is removed from this wire the antenna goes down and stays down.  This makes it possible to have the antenna automatically go up when you turn on your radio, or control it from an upfitter or auxiliary switch.

We HIGHLY RECOMEND you purchase the antenna and antenna base w/ cable from us - Our antenna base setup uses 17' of ultra thin cable (less than .095 OD) to make very little distortion when entering the vehicle under the 3rd brake light seal.



The Mount in action.


How well does the mount seal against water? Take a look




Includes Motorized Mounting Plate and hardware.  If you would like the matching antenna and cable, please search for these using the search function:

Standard "Race" Antenna w/ Chrome Spring: B1322NS

All Black Antenna w/ Elastomer Spring: BB1442NR


Designed to be as stealthy as possible.

Baja tested on our own Chase Trucks for the Wild Power Sports Trophylite Truck #6013!



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Manufacturer Dunarri
MPN 76-2937
Hitch Lock None
Part Status: In-Production
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