7 tooth Sprocket for Go-ped

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  • 7 Tooth
  • Fits ALL Go-ped's with chain drive and Gas engines
  • Genuine Go-ped Part
  • Wild is an Authorized Go-ped Dealer

7 tooth sprocket for Go-ped (GSR's).  What can we say, its the sprocket that the chain rides on.  Note this is a GENUINE Go-ped sprocket - there are several imitations out there - if the sprocket is all black it *IS NOT* genuine Go-ped.

This will fit any Gas powered Go-ped WITH chain drive.

More Information
Fits Go-ped Go-Quad 25, Go-ped GSR 46r, Go-ped GSR Cruiser, Go-ped GSR Pro-Ped, Go-ped GSR Pro-Ped Cruiser, Go-ped GSR Sport, Go-ped GSR25, Go-ped GSR29R, Go-ped GSR40, Go-ped GTR Roadster, Go-ped GTR46, Go-ped GTR46 Interceptor (GTR46i), Go-ped Hoverboard, Go-ped IPed 16, Go-ped IPed 8, Go-ped Pro-Quad, Go-ped Riot 29, Go-ped Riot 46, Go-ped Super Go-Quad 30, Go-ped Super Go-Quad 40, Go-ped Super Go-Quad 46, Go-ped Trail Ripper 46r, Go-ped Trail Ripper Quad (TRQ46)
Manufacturer Goped
MPN 212130018
Hitch Lock None
Part Status: In-Production
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