CT70 Wheel (Flat Black) for Honda CT70

400 In stock

New wheel for Honda CT70.  Manufactured by us, Dunarri Wild Powersports.  We have had the tooling made, and are producing wheels to the original Honda Spec!  The tooling to make these wheels cost us $59,000 and was made using a original Honda CT70 wheel, so its identical to the stock wheel.  The only seller selling these wheels will be us, or one of our authorized dealers. 

These wheels are often are rusted badly and need replacement on older bikes.  Finding replacements was either by cheap import wheels, or try to restore the old wheels (Which costs more than buying one of these!).  We know this, we have built several CT70's!

This includes one wheel (2 Halves).

We have these in Chrome, Flat Black, and Gray.  We suggest either the gray (close to stock color) or flat black.  We have not been able to find a chrome plater that can do a high-end chrome on the chrome wheels without doubling the cost, so the chrome isnt the best on the chrome ones.  Although they have still sold well, we will not be doing another run in chrome until (if) we can locate a plater that can chrome them for a reasonable price.

They are going fast, and our production runs are now 12 months apart, so grab them while they last!


More Information
Fits Honda CT70
Manufacturer Dunarri
MPN 18-4405
Hitch Lock None
Part Status: In-Production
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