Can-AM Accessory Wiring Pigtail for Maverick X3 and Defender

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Maverick X3 Accessory Wiring Pigtail
  • Makes Wiring a simple process
  • Plugs into the accessory port under the center of the dash
  • Several can be daisy chained together to allow for multiple accessory power.

When adding accessories to your Can-Am Maverick X3, (and other models)  do you remove the seats and wire all the way back to the battery?  What  a pain in the neck, and what a mess of wires!

Can-Am provided a fused accessory port under the dash, but no one has the plug.  Guess, what - we do.

We have created these wiring pigtails, that make it a simple plug and play process to get power from under the dash.  They can be daisy chained, so you can add several accessories.


Maverick X3:  Up till 2018 the plug is located as shown in the video below.  After 2018, its located by the steering shaft.




Connector Location

Wild Power Sports Can-Am Maverick x3 Accessory Wiring Pigtail - YouTube

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Manufacturer Dunarri
Hitch Lock None
Part Status: In-Production
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