OZ Charge 500 Amp Rescue Mate Batteryless Jump Starter

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  • 500A Output
  • Easy to use - Great for your wife/girlfriend, and less car-technical people.
  • Australian made = Quality. (Think ARB and Lightforce)
  • Super Trick! Starts car with a dead battery without having a battery itself!

You know, when we go to SEMA, we see so many exciting new products. We normally spend the whole week searching for that hot new product.  This is where we came across OZ Charge and their Rescue Mate.

It does the impossible, it gives you a way to jump start a vehicle with a dead battery - without even having a battery itself! Impossible? Not anymore!

This unit puts out 500 Amp, good for up to a 7.0L Gas engine, or a 5.0L Diesel engine. Larger models coming soon.

OZ Charge Rescue Mate uses a super capacitor to build power from a low battery, then release it all at once to start your vehicle!. Think of it as a fishbowl, filling from a small trickle of water. Once its full it "dumps the bowl" all at once starting your motor!

This device has a lcd readout. It tells you when its ready to go, then it counts down...when the count ends it releases and you turn the key.

The Rescue Mate is made in Australia, and the company has been around for years.

More Information
Fits Universal Part/Fits Many Units
Manufacturer OZ Charge
MPN ozcharge-500A
Part Status: In-Production
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